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Electrical Equipment Total Value   Toys and Games Total Value
TV/Video/Hi-fi   Playmats
Telephones   Books
Fax Machines   Bikes
Computers   Musical Instruments
Laptops   Sports Equipment
Game Consoles   Chalk/white boards
Vacuum Cleaners   Board Games
DVD's/CD's/Software   Paints/Crayons
Photographic Equipment   Lego/Construction
Photocopiers   Jigsaws
All other Electrical Items   All other Toys/Games
Furniture Total Value   Garden Total Value
Carpets/Floor   Garden Tools
Curtains/Blinds   Garden Equipment
Lighting   Plants and Bedding
Furniture   Garden Furniture
Decorative Items   Play Equipment (fixed)
Ornaments   All other Garden items
All other Furniture      
      Kitchen Total Value
Buildings Total Value   Crockery & Cutlery
Fencing   Cutlery
Kitchen Alterations      
Bathroom Alterations      
General Alterations    
All other Buildings items